Week 25

Jesus was sooo hungry. The devil tempted him to get food by performing a miracle. What the devil said was halfway true because later Jesus did many miracles. But Jesus was not about to do any miracle selfishly. What Jesus told the devil is good for us to remember too:

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.
- Matthew 4:4

Check out this stuff:

Hear the story of how the devil tempted Jesus and how Jesus responded in The Temptation of Jesus. This story comes from the Bible in Matthew 4:1-11. Read it and see if you can find our memory verse.

All Verses Printable

Can you believe that we learned 24 verses! Wow! Well, maybe you don't remember all of them, but your seed packets will help. If you need to print out the verses again, print them from all_verses.pdf. Or maybe you just want to make another seed packet. Get one at seed_packets_print.pdf. Keep growing!

Cups of Soil

We had fun this night! We planted seeds. We played Bible Bingo. Can you recite all the verses we learned in your seed packets? (It may help to remember the motions.)

Here are some pictures to help you tell about all that we did.

Next GROW:

At the next GROW we will learn about praying. Praying is very important for growing up to be spiritually healthy. Jesus even prayed for us in John 17. So, the verse we want to remember is:

Pray without ceasing.
- 1 Thessalonians 5:17