What is a Manger?

Kerststal Sint Josephkerk

The Christmas story is all about when Jesus was born. The story says that Jesus was laid in a manger. Maybe you will see one during this Christmas season. Jesus is the baby in the middle of the scene. Mary and Joseph look at him and there are farm animals all around. The manger might look like it is made out of wood and it has straw sticking out of it.

What is a manger? A manger is a place to put food for animals to eat. A manger is no place for a baby! Below are a few more pictures of mangers. If you live on a farm, maybe you have a manger too. (A manger is also called a feed trough.)

Mary was the mom of Jesus. Of all places, what was Mary doing in a barn to have a baby? And why did Mary put Jesus into a manger? Well, if you listen to the Christmas story carefully you can find out. See if you can learn the answer why Jesus was in a manger before next Wednesday in GROW.

Cattle Expecting Feed - geograph.org.uk - 219679 2015-09-04. Сафари-парк в Краснодаре 056 Sheep pair at trough Pasture - geograph.org.uk - 139402 Feeding Troughs, Upper Venn Farm - geograph.org.uk - 106416 Hereford Cattle at Feeding Trough, Abercrombie Ranch, James Smither Ambercrombie (12819793685)