Week 3

God knows EVERYTHING! All the good stuff and even the bad stuff too. Soooo... Jesus tells us:

Don’t be afraid! You are worth more than many sparrows.
   - Matthew 10:31 (GW)

Check out this stuff:

It is truly wonderful that God knows each of us. The song "He Knows My Name" (YouTube) can help you remember that there is One who knows you and hears you.

Check out the Word Popping Game to help you remember the new verse.

Can you find your cool craft in these PICTURES (Google Photos)?

Coming up:

Next Wednesday the theme is "GOD BRINGS LIFE!" Jesus says:

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
   - John 10:10
See you Wednesday! Until then, remember that God is BIG and that He loves you very much.