Week 1

Wow! What a great first week of GROW! We learned that God is SO BIG! Like our Bible verse says:

Great is our Lord, and abundant in power;
   His understanding is beyond measure.
        - Psalm 147:5

Check out this stuff:

If you want to see the Bible story video again, you can see it at "Jesus Calms the Storm" (YouTube).
We got PICTURES (Google Photos)! Is there a picture of your creation?
Wasn't that a cool song by Go Fish? Check out the video (YouTube). We also got the words to the song.
Try out this verse activity! Put Jesus and His disciples into a boat floating on stormy water. Wait ... the words of our verse are all mixed up! Can you put them in order?

Do you remember how to make a paper boat? You can find the instructions here (Wikihow)

Do you remember how to tie a square knot? Those instructions are here (Wikihow)

Congratulations Keagan! You won the watermelon by guessing its weight exactly.

Coming up:

Next Wednesday the theme is "God is EVERYWHERE"! Don't forget this week's verse, but on Wednesday we will also learn a new verse:

I am with you always, to the end of the age.
     - Matthew 28:20
See you Wednesday! Until then, remember that God is BIG and that He loves you very much.